18 MARCH 2019

OuterSpace Studios

6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Celebrate With Us,

Following the tradition of Samhain 2013-2018 and Winter Solstice 2018, Spring Equinox Celebration 2019 will blend performances and ritual where attendees are a literal part of the Celebration by creating and participating in ritual. 

Rituals will be guided by Ritual Master Jon Poindexter, as we will walk through the directions and have the opportunity to perform rituals for health, prosperity, love, relationships, letting go, inspiration and healing. Bring in and/or create vision boards, candles, effigies, sacred symbols and sacred geometry.

Raquel Punto will be in Chicago from Mexico for another exclusive set of performances. Jon Poindexter will perform with music and readings from his book “One/Infinity.”

We will also debut Dr. P’s CBDs: an exciting line of CBD coffees, teas, indica and sativa pre rolls and (edible and smokable) bulk hemp herb! This will be a great opportunity to experience and discuss the healing properties of this wonderful herb. Just in time for Spring

Requested donation for the event is $10. There will be candles and supplies to consecrate/decorate them and we ask for a donation of $3-5 to contribute to the costs. 


OuterSpace Studios

1474 N. Milwaukee Avenue Chicago, IL 60622

My artistic research explores the eroticization of materials and my own body through ritual processes. By oscillating between performance and sculpture, development pieces proposed new meaning to the relationship between the subject and the object, based on a reflection on gender and sexuality. Rachel point.

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