Dancing Your Majestic Life

by Jon Poindexter

I love telling people, “Give Yourself a pat on the back!”

I’m big on it.

I’m very specific with this feedback. It’s not blowing smoke up, or a generic throwaway statement. I recommend giving one’s self a pat on the back for a specific effort, threshold reached, attempt or insight. Or to recognize a specific area in which a person or a group may rock and/or kick ass!

This is important, because specific recognition brings energy and precision to what we do. Giving ourselves a pat on the back, and recognizing the specific reason for this, is important.

You are reading this, because in some area(s) of Your life, You are putting in a specific and very concentrated search for meaning and an answer. You are concerned with Your search and Your answer. You are actively seeking and engaging in a magnificent and heroic dialogue with the Universe as You unite Yourself with Your answer.

And Your intercourse is engaged! The frustration and pain You feel, the confusion and resistance…it’s all a part of the search. Sometimes the adversity You encounter is direct and proportionate. Other times it is unfair and disproportionate. That’s the way the cookie crumbles. And we can languish in the disappointment of a broken cookie, or we can lick our fingers and enjoy the crumbly, sticky goodness.

Realistically, we need to do a bit of both. And not bother to be lethargic or stuck in either state.

Recognize the cycle. Recognize the extraordinary circumstances that have culminated to form this majestic dance which is Your life. Recognize the extraordinary attention and awareness that You have learned and fostered to get here. Admire Your perseverance and determination. You are searching. You are getting Your answer! All of the signs and help; voices and whispers of the spirits, gods and nature; guides and ancestors; books, television; that phone call, text, post; that piece of artwork, song, poem; even the eyes of a stranger; Your friends, family, spouse, lover(s), partner(s); the oracles and sages; counselors, elders, priests, wise womyn, priestesses, shamen; they are all here for You. We are here for You.

Recognize it. Recognize Yourself in this. As the co-creator and orchestrator. As the recipient and receiver.

Gather the energy and strength and power and elation from this intercourse, this dialogue, this Grand Journey on the Royal Road. Relax…let it kick in…let go of the outcome…just for a little while…feel where You are now. The tremendous, extraordinary power and energy are here, right now, so that You can find Your answer.

Because the extraordinary energy and power is within You. You have it within You. The extraordinary energy is You.

You are the mystical force of nature. You are ransomed and redeemed. You are blessed and highly favored. You have been chosen. You are anointed.

Claim it. Claim Your energy, claim Your power. It is Your birthright to be happy, successful and fulfilled. We divine the signs in our search for the answer, using our extraordinary energy to propel us towards uniting us with our answer. It is us. It is within us.

It is within You.

It is You.

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